Smart and Simple Ways to Recycle Your Empty Toner Cartridges

After using toners and ink cartridges for months or years, they will pile up in stockrooms and eventually end up in the landfills. With so many people who have not grasped the idea of recycling, the planet ends up suffering from the harmful chemicals found in plastics

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Laser Printer vs Inkjet: Which Is the Ideal Printer for You?

Printers have become an important asset in every busy working environment. They are used to print out documents, memos, announcements, and even adverts. Basically, they are used to accomplish tasks needed for the smooth operation of a business. If you work in advertising, then you understand how

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How to Improve the Quality of Your Documents when Using a Photocopier

A photocopier is an essential machine used in every office or school to make a duplicate of important text or images on paper. With the immense workloads in offices, government sectors, and universities, a photocopier machine has become a necessity for both professionals and students. How to

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The Importance of Fax Machines and How to Send a Fax

Before e-mails were invented, companies used fax machines as a means of sending legal documents and information through the telephone. In this generation, technology has advanced a lot and electronic mail is taking over companies and small offices. This does not mean, however, that fax machines are

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How do laser printers work?

As you’ve probably noticed, most companies today prefer to use laser printers and other multifunctional devices to ensure quality results and cost-efficiency. Initially, a combination of a monochrome and a colour laser printer is more expensive compared to a conventional monochrome-only printer. However, the equipment is vital

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How to make your toner last longer

With Printer Repair Centre just a phone call away, broken printers are a thing of the past. Just dial (02) 9684 0044 or fill up the order form to get your printer fixed on the same day you placed your call. Do the same thing when you

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6 amazing things you didn’t know about your multifunction printer

    Multifunction printers (MFPs) have become the norm, especially in business settings. Whether you are using a black-and-white or coloured multifunction laser printer, you get to enjoy the wonderful benefits they provide. Here are 6 things that multifunction printers can do that you may not know

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3 Things to consider when looking for an affordable multifunction printer for your business

  Multifunction printers provide a wide range of businesses with a variety of options. Finding an affordable multifunction printer (MFP) is what small and medium enterprises are doing to minimise cost while optimising work efficiency. If  you, too, are looking for an affordable multifunction printer, certain considerations

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Amazing 3D printer creations

Who would have known that one day we could print a house instead of building it from scratch? Today, brands offer 3D printers which can print 3-dimensional objects that are both functional and realistic. As long as you have templates, you can create anything you want.  

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How to set up Google Cloud Print

  Some years ago, printing a file that wasn’t on your computer involved that same old routine: you see a document that you want to print, you save it, transfer it to your computer via a USB key or Dropbox, and finally print it. Wouldn’t it be

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