Amazing 3D printer creations

10 amazing 3D printer creations that make modern life easier Who would have known that one day we could print a house instead of building it from scratch? Today, brands offer 3D printers which can print 3-dimensional objects that are both functional and realistic. As long as you have templates, you can create anything you want.     There are 3D printer creations that are especially helpful to our society. These include: Medical Models Architectural Models Bridges Cool Bricks Chain Links Phone Cases iPad stands Gear Wraps High Heels Printed Bikinis   Because 3D printed objects are very accurate, they are very useful in the medical field. Doctors can practice on a printed model before going to surgery with a real patient, thus diminishing the risks of making fatal mistakes. Architecture students, meanwhile, can use Canon printers to build designs with realistic coloured models. Houses and bridges can be created with swift 3D printing as well – HP was able to print […]

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How to set up Google Cloud Print

How to set up Google Cloud Print   Some years ago, printing a file that wasn’t on your computer involved that same old routine: you see a document that you want to print, you save it, transfer it to your computer via a USB key or Dropbox, and finally print it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could print from any device from anywhere? Once again, Google made it and facilitated our lives.   Now you’re wondering, why would you use such a service? It’s simple, once you’ve been through the (very) easy steps to set it up you can forget about setting up a Homegroup, a shared printer or even a VPN. Just print it. It has never been that easy! Follow our step by step guide and get ready to print with Google Cloud Print. All you need is: a Google account, a cloud print-enabled printer or a computer linked to the printer using Chrome and a device […]

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How to set up your computer to print wirelessly

set printer wireless rage

How to set up your computer to print wirelessly Nowadays, most printers can print wirelessly via WI-FI or Bluetooth. You may want to print a photo in your living room or a document at the other side of the world: read our quick guide and we will explain you step by step how to print wirelessly.     How to set up my printer network Wireless printing doesn’t need to be complicated and manufacturers understood it: the easier the better. Indeed, most of the new printers on the market are network printers that you can directly connect on the WI-FI from the printer settings. Once done, you only need to install the appropriate software on each computer, and each computer can then print over to that printer over the network. Good news, you can also print from your smartphone! Easy, isn’t it?   How do I share a printer on a local network? If you do not have a network […]

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How to fix common printer issues

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How to fix common printer issues Have you ever wondered “why won’t my printer print?”, especially at times when you really need it? We’ve all been there and let’s face it, a malfunctioning printer means loss of time, less productivity and a lot of troubles. Avoid the hassle and follow our quick guide on how to fix common printer problems.   My printer is jammed Your printer is not printing, and one of the most frequent reason is that there is a paper jam. What happened? A piece of paper got stuck in the printer, blocking the whole machine. Turn it off, unplug it, open the panel and pull the paper out. Stack the block of paper in a square manner and put it back in the tray, making sure that the borders are properly aligned. My printer ran out of ink We all tend to forget it but a printer needs fuel to work. If you suddenly run out […]

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