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While inkjets printers are common office machines, they can sometimes malfunction. A business or a private owner needs to know what number to call and know how long the repair is going to take. Call 02 9684 0044 now or fill up the booking form below to talk to our staff. They are patiently waiting for your call to get your Inkjet printer repairs done and to provide cost estimates.

An Inkjet printer malfunction can be caused by minor problems that lead to bigger ones because of neglect. Inkjet printers, such as the top rated Brother MFC-J985DW and the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590, spray tiny dots of paper ink, hence the name inkjet. As they are computer peripherals, they need to communicate with a computer for it to work. For this reason, one of the most prevalent drivers problem for inkjet printers is network and connectivity issues.
These issues are more common on newer models because, unlike the older ones, they operate and connect to a computer wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Wireless printers require their own IP addresses (Internet Protocol), and require a specific place on your network. Some people even open ports for their printers, just like they would do for their wireless gaming consoles.
Although this can be a simple issue to fix, most people do not have the training or skillset to resolve it. To do this correctly, one must have an understanding of networking and software installation.

Our 20 years of experience in the printers’ industry have brought us the technical skills and knowledge to get the job done promptly and efficiently. In addition, our partnerings with some original equipment manufacturers ensure that we stay on top of tech advancements in our marketplace. We guarantee our customers high quality services with our team of professionals.

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Inkjet Printer Repair Service in Sydney

Why You Should Make Sure Your Inkjet Printers Are Always in Top Condition

If you have an inkjet printer for your home or office, consider yourself lucky. Not everyone can enjoy the benefits of having a printer on hand for their printing needs. Having this technology at your fingertips gives you the chance to print whatever you need immediately without having to venture outside your home or outsource printing jobs for your office.

A little bit of TLC goes a long way in extending its working life and the convenience of your inkjet printer should be reason enough to keep it in top condition.

But if convenience isn’t enough, here are several more reasons for you to consider.

Reduces the need for costly repairs

If you keep your inkjet printer in good running condition all the time, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs. Regular maintenance helps to detect minor problems before they escalate into bigger ones. This helps you avoid the need for expensive one-time repair visits and keeps you from paying for expensive new parts, or worse; an entirely new machine.

Works perfectly every single time

Don’t you just hate it when you see streaks and stripes running across printed documents and images? Not only is it an eyesore, but it’s wasteful and can quickly rack up extra costs within your home of place of business. These streaks are caused by toner build-up, which can be quickly and easily resolved with regular maintenance. When you have your inkjet printer on scheduled maintenance, you won’t have to worry about streaks, smears, or stripes showing up on any of your printed materials.

No need to buy a new printer anytime soon

Proper inkjet printer maintenance not only prevents accelerated wear and tear, but it also prolongs the life of your equipment. You get a head start on any printer problems that could be developing. These can be addressed in their early stages, preventing breakdowns and damage that may shorten the lifespan of your printer.

Fixed rates for servicing

When you have your inkjet printer on a maintenance plan, you reduce the cost for repairs. This is because service centres offer fixed rates to those who benefit from their printer maintenance and repair programmes.

If your printer is listed as one of the devices that they keep well-maintained, you get a great deal when the need for repairs arises. This is because you won’t be charged an hourly rate. Instead, these service centres charge you a fixed rate for the visit. They may even waive the service fee altogether, depending on the kind of maintenance plan you have for your printer.

Tips to Keep Inkjet Printers Running Smoothly

Aside from scheduled maintenance, you should also follow the advice of your printer maintenance provider regarding everyday printer care.

Keep your printers free of dust

Dust build-up leads to blocked inkjet printer heads. This could cause streaks on printouts. So make sure to wipe the dust off your printer regularly and invest in a cover to protect it from dirt and dust when it’s not in use.

Update the software when prompted

Your printer’s manufacturer will roll out updated printer drivers online to fix bugs and other vulnerabilities. So don’t miss out on any updates. Change your notifications settings to get alerts when updates are ready to install.

Use the right paper

One of the main causes of printer jams is using the wrong kind of paper. Always check the recommended type and weight and be sure to load it correctly.

Stack the paper neatly, don’t overfill your tray, and try to ensure all paper in your printer tray remains flat and dry.

Take good care of the unsung hero in your home or office. When your inkjet printer breaks down, call Printer Repairs Centre right away. Schedule regular maintenance visits while you’re at it to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Our mission is aiming for customer satisfaction with every service and repair carried out on site. With our skilled technicians donning a can to do attitude and a passion for getting the job done efficiently, we can work towards exceeding those expectations every time.

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