Frequesntly asked questions by our customers

Having an efficient printing device is a great step to boost business productivity. But office machines, including printers, can encounter some problems and jeopardise the workflow.

Here are some answers to common printer faqs to help you get started with your printer.

1. What type of machine do you service?

We service printers of all models and brands, including colour laser and inkjet printers, as well as multifunction devices, scanners, plotters, large format devices and photocopiers. Our technicians are up-to-date with new technologies and repair all machines available on the market.


2. What does your repair service include?

We offer a free quote and same-day service to early callers. Our trained technicians, equipped with original components, will be on-site to assess the state of your device within the next 4 hours following your call and will bring it into one of our multiple Sydney workshops for evaluation. We provide a free loan machine during the repair time to ensure that your business runs smoothly.


3. What is the repair cost for printers?

Printer Repairs Centre offers a flat rate call out fee, which means that we do not charge our customers by the hour to avoid any unexpected extra costs. Our 98% first-visit success rate testifies to our excellent services at the very best price in Sydney.


4. Are your repairs guaranteed?

We provide a 30-day warranty on all works done by our technicians and 3-months guarantee on all parts used on your device.


5. What if my printer doesn’t print anymore?

This is one of the most common problem people experience. If your device does not point a specific issue, verify that it is properly connected to your router via the Ethernet cable or to the Wi-Fi for a wireless machine.

Check the User Manual that came with your printer and follow the specified instructions to fix your printer. If your device is still not responding, contact the company’s tech support or professional technicians at Printer Repairs Centre.


6. My printer is very slow, what can I do?

Printing speed depends on the quality of your device and on its maintenance.

However, there are some things you can do to increase its speed: avoid double-sided printing as it slows down the process due to the rotation of the pages. In addition, you can speed up the process by printing documents in draft mode if you do not need high-quality output.


7. How can I avoid my printer jamming all the time?

Paper jams are very common and frustrating. They are due to the paper not being aligned properly.

Square the paper before putting it in the tray and don’t overfill it. You can also check your User Manual for troubleshooting solutions. If your printer keeps jamming, contact the company’s tech support or Printer Repairs Centre.


8. The text quality of the impressions is low, can I improve it?

Quality output depends widely on the model and brand of your printer. Inkjet printers are adequate for everyday printing, but you should consider laser printers for your business impressions.

Make sure you are not printing on draft mode and ensure that your ink cartridges do not need immediate replacement. For inkjet printers, you can also wipe the nozzle and line up the print head via the maintenance menu. For laser printers, check the ink cartridge and shake it several times from side to side. If the toner has “settled”, this manoeuver can resolve the issue.







Our mission is aiming for customer satisfaction with every service and repair carried out on site. With our skilled technicians donning a can to do attitude and a passion for getting the job done efficiently, we can work towards exceeding those expectations every time.

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