Smart and Simple Ways to Recycle Your Empty Toner Cartridges

After using toners and ink cartridges for months or years, they will pile up in stockrooms and eventually end up in the landfills. With so many people who have not grasped the idea of recycling, the planet ends up suffering from the harmful chemicals found in plastics even a simple piece of cartridge. Although these materials aren’t harmful when touched, they become harmful when they decay on land and that’s when the problem starts.

A simple printer cartridge can impact the environment negatively. There are many ways to prevent this from happening and one of them is by understanding the importance of printer cartridge recycling. To know how to recycle printer cartridges, take a look at these four easy and smart ways:

1. Take them back to where you bought them

If you want to know where to recycle printer cartridges, you can simply take them back to where you originally bought them. Your local supply store most likely would be happy to give back your old cartridge to the supplier and they will take care of the recycling process. You are not only helping in making the environment a healthy place to live in but you are also helping printer companies save materials.

2. Turn your old toner cartridges into cash

If your supply store won’t take back the empty cartridges, no worries because you have another option. Did you know that you can actually earn money from recycling? Turning in a box of cartridges to a company or a group of people who intend to use them can earn you cash. With this, you can save and buy yourself or the office a new set of ink cartridges at a lower price.

3. Consider refilling your ink cartridge

The easiest way to recycle an old ink cartridge is by refilling it with the right refill kit. A refill kit usually consists of bottled inks, a syringe, and a booklet of instructions. In order to refill your own cartridge, you need to inject an average amount of ink and place it into the cartridge. To do this properly, you must first read the instructions found in the kit.

4. Purchase remanufactured ink cartridges

Buying a remanufactured cartridge will cost you less than buying a new one and will enable you to reduce waste. If you need to buy a remanufactured cartridge, you can search for a store that supplies some. You also need to consider the compatibility of the microchip with your printer before you purchase. To be sure, you can ask your supply store about its compatibility and they will provide you with the information that you need.

With these smart ways of recycling, you can easily make ink cartridge recycling a routine at home or in the office. By making a change and giving tremendous effort in reusing ink cartridges, you can help in reducing waste and in creating a positive impact on the environment. You can also help lessen your carbon footprint by educating people in your office on how to recycle old materials.

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