Large-Format Printer Maintenance Tips for the Holiday Break

If you’re running a print shop or your office utilises a wide-format printer, there’s something you shouldn’t overlook as the festive season approaches. It’s large-format printer maintenance. We can’t stress that enough, especially if your entire team will go on a holiday break. Today, we will walk you through a step-by-step process to help prepare your large-format printer for the holiday hiatus. That way, it’s ready to spring back into action post-break!

Key Steps to Keep Your Large-Format Printer Good Over the Holidays

Your large-format printers handle the toughest projects; they deserve some care before you go on your holiday break. Here are some maintenance tips to follow:

1.  Clean the Print Heads and Nozzles

Begin with a deep clean. Use the proper cleaning solution for your print heads and nozzles and follow the manual’s specific cleaning instructions. Can’t perform this task on your own? Consider hiring large-format printer repairs in Sydney; these services often include deep cleaning.

2. Perform Thorough Test Prints

Test printing a pattern or image before the break is a proactive way to spot and address inconsistencies or clogs. Have you noticed some printing issues? It is best to resolve them before the break to prevent them from worsening over time.

3. Do a Calibration Check

Ensure your prints don’t lose their edge. Spend some time to double-check the calibration settings for accuracy and recalibrate if needed to maintain print quality.

4. Be Mindful About Media Handling and Storage

Will you leave unused media (paper, canvas, etc.) for the printer? Make sure it’s stored under ideal conditions—cool, dry and away from direct sunlight to prevent damage.

5. Handle Your Ink Cartridges Properly: 

Since your printer will be unused for an extended period, consider removing the ink cartridges and storing them in airtight bags to prevent them from drying out. Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for this process to the tee.

6. Power Down Properly: 

Turn off the printer using the manufacturer’s recommended shutdown procedure. This helps guarantee that the printer’s components are properly parked and protected.

7. Adjust Environmental Conditions

Will your office be vacant during the break? Before clocking out on the last day before the break, consider adjusting the office’s temperature and humidity settings. Ensure they are within the recommended range for the printer’s storage conditions.

8. Unplug or Ensure Surge Protection

Unplug the printer from the power source to prevent any electrical issues that could arise during the holiday break. Is unplugging not an option? The alternative is to connect it to a reliable surge protector.

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9. Check Software Updates

Check for any available firmware or software updates for your printer. Install them before the break to ensure your printer’s optimal performance when you return to work.

10. Stick to the Maintenance Schedule

Is your large-format printer up for ink cartridge replacement or calibration soon? Will the schedule fall on the holiday break? You can perform those maintenance tasks days before the schedule—rather than wait to do it after the festive season—to ensure your printer remains in good condition.

11. Take Advantage of Remote Monitoring

If your wide-format printer has remote monitoring capabilities, consider using them to check its status periodically during the break. Some printers allow you to perform maintenance tasks remotely. It’s a smart way to stay ahead. 

12. Have Service Contacts Handy

Keep a list of service contacts, including the printer manufacturer’s support hotline or local service providers like the Printer Repair Centre. In case of unexpected issues, you’ll have resources to reach out to for urgent assistance.

Printer Repair Centre: Your Go-To Experts

Wide or large-format printers are pivotal in delivering impactful visuals and precision in various industries. They enable the production of precise technical drawings, stunning artwork and photography and other high-quality prints on a larger scale. So, it pays to ensure they are well-maintained, even when your whole production goes on a break. You don’t want to return to work with a dysfunctional wide-format printer, right?

Give us a ring if you need servicing for your wide-format printer before or during the holiday break. We are your go-to experts in large-format printer repairs in Sydney. Whether it’s an HP DesignJet or models from brands like Brother, Epson or Canon, you can count on our seasoned technicians at Printer Repair Centre to provide top-notch service. Contact us today and ensure your large-format printer is in expert hands.

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