Laser Printer vs Inkjet: Which Is the Ideal Printer for You?

Printers have become an important asset in every busy working environment. They are used to print out documents, memos, announcements, and even adverts. Basically, they are used to accomplish tasks needed for the smooth operation of a business. If you work in advertising, then you understand how printers are essential for meeting the requirements and standards of your clients.

Whether you’re an artisan or a graphic artist, one of the dilemmas that you are going to face is choosing between a laser printer and an inkjet. While the two of them have similar functions, one of them will dominate over the other depending on your needs. To make the right decision, you must first understand the traits of each.

Laser Printer

This makes use of a xerographic process wherein a laser beam repetitively passes back and forth over a drum to outline an image. The drum then transfers the image onto the paper, then heats up to fuse the image. This printing process is known to be unbeatable when it comes to high-speed printing and quality texts and images.


This type of printer uses liquid ink to print onto any type of paper through its nozzles. The inkjet printer is commonly used in households and small offices. When it comes to speed, an inkjet printer is significantly slower, so you need to take that into consideration.

Why Choose a Laser Printer

The advantages of laser printer over inkjet are many. Though it may cost you a good amount of money, it becomes a great investment over time. Some of its advantages are:

  • Low-cost ink – Budget isn’t a problem when it comes to replacing the toner of your laser printer as it is more affordable than replacing the ink cartridge of an inkjet.
  • High Speed – As stated above, laser printers are known to be unbeatable when it comes to printing speed. With this advantage, you can print as many text or images as you like in just a few minutes.
  • High-Quality Print – A laser printer heats up to permanently fuse a text or an image while an inkjet uses liquid ink and places it onto the paper. This means that the latter might result into a messier print.

Why Choose an Inkjet

If you would rather opt for a low-cost printer for your everyday needs, an inkjet printer might be the one for you. To find out the advantages of an inkjet printer, read on:

  • Compact Size – Inkjet printers can help you save space at home or in the office with its small size.
  • Going Large – If you want to print large paper sizes, you can actually add on a large-format printer to your system easily.
  • Affordability – An inkjet printer is one of the most affordable types of printers in the market.

Any graphic professional or business owner knows the importance of having a reliable printer. Before you make your decision between an inkjet vs laser printer, bear in mind that it is always best to buy a model that suits your budget and needs. If you already have an idea of what you usually print in the workplace, you’ll know whether you need a laser printer or an inkjet.

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