How to Improve the Quality of Your Documents when Using a Photocopier

A photocopier is an essential machine used in every office or school to make a duplicate of important text or images on paper. With the immense workloads in offices, government sectors, and universities, a photocopier machine has become a necessity for both professionals and students.


How to Use a Photocopier

If you have important documents that need to be duplicated, you know you will need a photocopier to have it done. The first thing that you will have to do is to place the document that needs to be copied on the surface of the photocopier. The next step is to use the control panel to choose a copy option for your document.

You can indicate the number of copies that you want and choose between having the document copied in black and white or coloured. Once you have pressed the “copy” button, the document will then be scanned by the copier. After scanning and processing, the machine will push out the copy from the feeder.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Photocopies

If you work in an office that demands high-quality output, then you need to have clear photocopies. The same goes for students who need to have their homework or modules copied clearly. In order for you to improve your photocopies’ quality, you need to know how to use and maintain the machine. Here’s how:

1. Keep the glass clean

Dust, dirt, and other tiny objects can cause smudges on your documents. To avoid this from happening, you can apply a glass cleaner from time to time, and wipe the surface gently with a towel.

2. Remove unnecessary objects

Having staples, creases, or ink blots on your document will ruin the quality of your copy. To improve the clarity of your copy, remove the staples from your documents, flatten wrinkled paper, and find better ways to cover up the ink blots.

3. Choose the perfect paper

You need to consider choosing the perfect copy paper. There are different types to choose from: laser, inkjet, and multi-purpose. You also need to choose the right thickness and weight to give the copy a better quality.

4. Take advantage of the settings

The settings on your photocopier allow you to control the process with minimal hassle. You can adjust contrast, brightness, and darkness. You can do a test copy and check if the settings you have chosen have improved the quality of your duplicate document. If not, you can try again by choosing another setting until you get the best detail.

5. Use masking tape

If there are some parts of the text that you don’t want to copy, you can cover them up with white tape. Be sure to place the tape on the paper firmly to prevent it from sticking to the surface of the photocopier.

There you have it – you should be able to produce greater quality duplicate prints if you follow the advice given above.

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