How to Expand Your Print Business with a Large-Format Printer

Large-Format printing is a highly cost-effective way to expand your print business. It offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to accommodate rigid and flexible materials. In addition, cutting printing costs gives you more control over your marketing and advertising campaigns. You can grow your print business by investing in a large format printer from large format printer suppliers. These printers can be used for a variety of different things. From creating posters to updating reception areas, large format printing will increase your business and your reach to new markets. To find out more knowledge about these printers, read on.

Preparing files for printing

When using a large-format printer, the first step to expanding your print business is to prepare your file. This process is similar to offset printing, except that the file size may vary depending on the photo being printed and software page size limitations—the typical type example of files used for large format printing are pdf.

When printing large-format prints, it is essential to ensure that your file’s resolution is high enough to produce sharp and crisp images. Typically, this means 300 dots per inch or higher. Lower resolutions will result in fuzzy, jagged, or blurry photos.

Large-format prints require a different level of thought than a leaflet or other small print. Because of this, errors will be more noticeable and difficult to hide. For best results, submit the highest resolution artwork file possible. Most large format printers offer guidelines regarding file size and quality.

When creating large-format prints, it is essential to consider your audience and the distance they will be viewing your print. It is also necessary to think about the parts of the image that will be sharp and visible to the audience. Finally, it would help to consider the DPI ratio when choosing an image file resolution.

For large-format printing, colour plays an important role. Colours need to be accurate and consistent. For example, when printing blocks of black, it is better to use Rich Black, which is CMYK 5OC, OM, and Y, instead of 100% black. The colour of Rich Black is a darker and more real black than the CMYK version. You may ask for help from experts on large format printer maintenance.

Using Wide-Format printing

Using Wide-Format printing or a wide-format printer is an excellent way to expand your print business. It provides a large printing surface and offers several benefits, including the ability to print in variable quantities. Wide-Format printing is also perfect for the consumer market, making it easy for you to take on shorter runs and more varied work. So, looking for a wide format printer for sale is better. For instance, many printers are filling orders through Etsy or creating websites where consumers can upload images for printing. You can test demand and sales strategies by taking on these types of projects. You can also develop expertise in a specific niche that will keep your presses rolling.

Wide-Format printing is also an excellent option for advertising agencies. HP wide-format devices are equipped to print on PET film (the same plastic used in food packaging). By printing on this material, you can cut your manufacturing costs and increase the impact of your marketing campaigns. Furthermore, wide-format printers are designed to produce durable prints with waterproof pigment-based inks.

Investing in a large-format printer is a smart business move.

Investing in a large-format printer

Large-format printers are a great way to expand your print business and increase sales. The industry is growing at an impressive pace, with sales of wide-format printers expected to reach $1.7 billion by 2022. Therefore, it is best to look for a wide format printer for sale or some printers for sale from large format printer suppliers. These printers are used for various applications, from lobby displays and ticket booth signs to sports arenas and casinos.

Using a wide format printer can save businesses a lot of money. By bringing large print jobs in-house, companies can enjoy the same high-quality output without paying for mark-ups and labour costs. Additionally, businesses have ongoing access to their wide-format printer, allowing them to make changes as needed without compromising quality.

HP wide-format equipment offers high-quality output and rapid speed, enabling businesses to take on more work. For example, the HP latex 800 series can print up to 36sq m/h in outdoor mode and handle media widths of 1.63m. It is also capable of working and storing up to 100 jobs.

Choosing the right printer for your business is essential. The right choice can lead you to success and position your company as a leader in wide-format print. Moreover, it would help to consider whether you plan to print black-and-white or colour documents. For example, you might not need colour printing if your business only publishes technical papers. Alternatively, you could choose a printer with a higher speed that can print both types of documents.

Reaching out to the consumer market and promoting your brand

The market for large format printers is anticipated to grow at a rate of 5.4% from now until 2026. This is expected to make the significant format printer industry worth USD 11.4 billion by 2026, up from USD 8.8 billion in 2021. This rapid growth is primarily because large format printers can deliver high-quality print output in various materials.

The advertising, textile, and packaging industries drive the market for large format printers. Increasing ad spending, particularly in the consumer market, is driving the market growth. In addition, there are many opportunities for promoting a brand’s message to consumers.

Using large-format printing to promote your brand is an excellent way to raise brand awareness and encourage customers to visit your store. However, keeping a consistent brand presence throughout your marketing campaign would be best. Large format printing can be used for various marketing strategies, including floor displays, signs, banners, and magnets. The technology used by large-format printers is exceptionally versatile and can be used on any material. Don’t forget to look for professionals or experts on large format printer maintenance.


Going big with marketing product installations may be the most straightforward and efficient route to success when companies want to attract consumer attention on a large scale. Excellent large-format advertisements and graphics assist businesses in “breaking through the clutter” created by competitors. They can also convey a clear message or feeling to consumers, motivating them to buy a product or use a service.

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