How to fix common printer issues

Have you ever wondered “why won’t my printer print?”, especially at times when you really need it? We’ve all been there and let’s face it, a malfunctioning printer means loss of time, less productivity and a lot of troubles. Avoid the hassle and follow our quick guide on how to fix common printer problems.


My printer is jammed

Your printer is not printing, and one of the most frequent reason is that there is a paper jam. What happened? A piece of paper got stuck in the printer, blocking the whole machine. Turn it off, unplug it, open the panel and pull the paper out. Stack the block of paper in a square manner and put it back in the tray, making sure that the borders are properly aligned.

My printer ran out of ink

We all tend to forget it but a printer needs fuel to work. If you suddenly run out of ink, purchase ink or toner cartridges at the nearest ink reseller or print shop. If you have a green mind, go for an ink refill station to avoid unnecessary wastes.

Is my printer correctly set up?

When troubleshooting, easy problems often have extremely easy solutions. Have you checked if your printer is correctly plugged in? Nowadays, most printers have a WI-FI / Bluetooth mode, which allows them to be remotely controlled. Go in your computer’s parameters and check if they are still recognized and connected to the right network (link to the February article: how to set up computer to print remotely). If this still doesn’t work, use your USB or Ethernet cable to connect it directly to your computer. Now you should be all set.

My printer’s drivers are outdated or corrupted

Another cause of common printer malfunctions comes from the driver. Indeed, sometimes the printer software does not communicate anymore with the printer and simply needs to be reinstalled. Follow these easy steps to fix the issue: go on your manufacturer’s website, select your model, select the latest version of the driver and install it on your computer.

My printer prints low-quality pictures

Have you tried printing on photo-quality paper? There are different kinds of paper for different kind of printing. Select the type of paper you used for that picture, as well as the high-quality setting if possible. Needless to say that your cartridges mustn’t be almost empty.

My printers prints texts in low quality

You cannot read what has been printed because of the quality? Printers’ qualities may vary widely according to the brands and models, even though most of them are suited for day-to-day printing. Go in your software settings and increase the quality of the printing to resolve the issue. Still unsatisfied with the quality? Go for a print head alignment and/or a nozzle cleaning.

If you followed that guide correctly, printer malfunctions should be a thing of the past. If you are still encountering issues with your printer, use our online booking form (link) or call us at 02 9684 0044 for a timely service.

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