Efficient Tips on How to Save on Printer Ink

Printer ink is not exactly cheap. This is why one of the most stressful scenarios you could experience when printing is when your ink runs low at a fast rate. It may be because you’re printing large volumes of documents or the ink cartridge is not attended to. To prevent spending more money than you need to, here are tips on how to reduce your printing costs and efficiently save on ink. Plus, prevent any issues that could potentially lead to costly printer repairs.

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1. Use the automatic duplexer

Recent printer models have an “automatic duplexer” feature, which allows you to print on both sides of the paper at the same time. This economical and eco-friendly design enables you to cut your paper costs in half.

2. Don’t replace ink cartridges too soon

When the printer warns that the cartridge is low or empty, it’s likely there is still 10% to 30% of ink left. Don’t waste resources by having it replaced immediately. Until then, save time and print documents until nothing comes out on the page and purchase a new ink cartridge then.

3. Use ecofont

This eco-friendly application allows you to save up to 20% when printing by shooting holes in the font. It uses less bold text and smaller fonts that help save up on ink consumption. Ecofont can be installed on Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX, and Linux.

4. Reduce the resolution

When using high quality paper like photo paper, it is a given to have high quality graphic resolution. However, when printing on regular paper, be sure to reduce the resolution to save up on ink. If a printer has an ink saver option, make this the default setting.

5. Check the preview before printing

One of the most common mistakes users make is printing the wrong documents, which can lead to unintentionally wasted ink. Before printing, don’t forget to use the preview option and check if the document does not have any mistakes. The printing preview may look different on other computers so make sure the settings and layout are properly set so there won’t be a need for a reprint. Using the preview also allows you to use the manual settings to change the number of pages to print or even the size of an image.

6. Print in black and white

Whenever possible, be cost-efficient and print in black and white. For a document that won’t need fancy colour, using black and white can help you save up on money. Black ink cartridges are cheaper than coloured ones. If needed, use monochrome ink to print a draft or even a simple map. Simply have the printer settings changed to greyscale if you wish to print in black and white.

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7. Using draft mode

If you have drafts of wedding invitations, brochures, or any other document that needs to be test printed, you can use draft mode on your printer. There is no need to print drafts in high quality resolution, which can end up wasting ink. Using draft modes uses less ink and prints faster.

Additional Tips

To avoid further worries, always be mindful of the ink. Prevent ink from drying up, make sure the nozzle is working, apply and remove the ink cartridge carefully, and run a test print each week to check up on the condition of the cartridge. Taking care of the ink cartridge can extend its lifespan. If you believe it’s your PC that has problems instead of your printer, arrange for computer repairs immediately.

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