What to Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer

Buying a multifunction printer can help your office productivity.

With the ever-changing needs of your office, you need robust equipment that can fulfil more than one function. That’s why a multifunction printer is always a good buy. It combines the functionality of a printer, scanner, copier and faxer into one machine. No wonder most budget-minded businesses have it in their workplace. But like any office machine, multifunction printers come in an array of brands and models. How can you make sure you’re buying the best one for your office? So today, we’ve come up with a quick guide for you. Here are some of the things and features you need to consider when shopping for a new multifunction printer.

Specify your requirements.

Think about your requirements before you shop online or go to shops to check out multifunction printers for sale. It will help specify the features or functionalities you must look out for when shopping. So beyond printing & copying, how do you or your staff want to use the all-in-one printer? Do you want to reduce paper use and scan to the cloud? Do you need it to be wireless and connected to the cloud? How many coloured and studio-quality prints do you have to produce each day? 

Explore a printer’s multitasking capabilities.

The best multifunction printers can multitask at once. Be aware that some all-in-one printers offer multiple functions in one machine but cannot multitask simultaneously. If your new multifunction printer can’t deliver all its functions or allow multiple uses at the same time, that can risk productivity bottlenecks in your office. So don’t forget to ask if users can access the function they need if other functions are already in use. 

Prioritise ease of use.

Multifunction printers should make office life easier, not the other way around. So you should find an all-in-one printer that is easy to operate. Look for models & brands with minimal training requirements and easily accessible online support. Also, it’s best to have a printer with intuitive and tablet-like interfaces that let users touch, tap, swipe and scroll the tools and features for easy use. Those with mobile and cloud connections are great options, too, as they make it easy for your staff to print or scan even when they’re far from the printer itself. They can use the machine on the go. 

Check bi-directional communication capabilities.

It isn’t enough that users can connect to a multifunction printer—the machine should also communicate with users. That’s what you call bi-directional communication. If a printer can’t communicate the status or queues of the printer jobs timely and accurately to the users, it will need your staff to intervene to solve or prevent problems. That could mean hours that should’ve been spent on other tasks.

So when shopping for the best multifunction printer for your small business in Australia, look for one with solid bi-directional communication capabilities. Your team should be able to see the print job & device status across the office network.

Calculate the total cost of ownership.

When adding new office equipment, don’t just look at its upfront cost. It’s better to consider the total cost of ownership or how much you need to run it for a long time. For multifunction printers, the total cost of ownership should include factors like the cost of supplies (ink, paper, cartridges etc.) and printer repair & maintenance

The total cost of ownership can also increase significantly for all-in-one printer models that are unreliable or lack the features to produce the results you need. So, again, make sure you’ve specified your requirements before buying a multifunction printer. That way, you can efficiently compare a model to your office’s daily needs. 

Evaluate the level of security a multifunction printer can provide.

Like computers and other devices, all-in-one printers can be vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. So when buying such printers, don’t forget to ask about their security level. Choose all-in-one printers that go beyond the industry standards in device detection & data encryption. You can even go the extra mile by researching printer brands that partner with security experts like Cisco or McAfee. 

Also, if you’re a growing business, ensure the printer is scalable to boost its security level should your company’s needs change. That way, you know you can have the printer for a long time and get your return on investment eventually. 

Let us help you. 

Contact us if you find yourself overwhelmed by your options. Besides providing professional printer repairs, we’re one of Sydney’s top office equipment sellers. Our staff will research and compare different multifunction printers to help you make an informed decision. Just tell us your requirements, and we’ll do the rest.

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