Boost Print Efficiency in Your Office

Even in today’s digital age, there’s still a need to print company letterheads, business cards, brochures and other office stationery. For many businesses, however, print efficiency isn’t a priority. Printers that print too slowly or produce bad quality at times are a mere annoyance. These companies don’t realise that every hour wasted on repeating bad prints or dealing with printer repairs can easily accumulate over time—and affect their bottom line.

It’s time to cut those unnecessary costs for your business. Whether you’re the owner or manager, here are five simple tips to ensure your office printer works optimally at all times:

1. Assess your current print systems

The first thing you should do is evaluate your existing office printers and processes. Identify areas where printing jobs usually take longer than they should. Check which printers have the longest downtime. Also, ask your workers. Know their pain points whenever they have to print a huge batch of corporate letterheads or call for printer repair services. From there, you’ll have more ideas on how to make your in-house printing processes more efficient. 

2. Update printing equipment

One way to quickly streamline your office’s printing efficiency is to update your equipment. Got an old office printer used for multiple prints or copy jobs? Replace it with a faster, more modern version. HP laser printers for office use, for instance, can speed up print jobs. They can print around 40 pages per minute! They can also handle fine lines and small fonts better than inkjet. 

As a result, your workers don’t need to stand around waiting for their printed materials or print several times until they get the output without blurry texts and lines.

Modern printer and other office equipment

Also, don’t forget about the software. Some modern printers fail not because they are physically damaged but because they are running with incompatible software. Make sure to invest in reliable software to resolve these persistent printing issues for good.

3. Use printers more mindfully

Let’s admit it—not all documents need to be printed in vibrant colours. Save money and improve print efficiency in your workplace by prioritising black-and-white printing. You can even make it the default setting for all your printers in the office. Ask your staff to only utilise colour printing for documents that they need to hand to partners and customers. 

Moreover, some documents don’t have to be printed right away. If the documents have to undergo revisions and a series of approvals before being finalised, go digital. Use free collaborative tools online to implement all changes in the documents before final printing. That is a simple change in your processes, but that can save you time and money.

4. Reduce outsourced printing.

It’s practical to outsource your printing needs if you have outdated equipment in the office. But the high costs of outsourced printing can hurt your business finances over time. That’s especially true if you only outsource a few jobs; printing companies often only offer discounts for bulk printing jobs. You can cut that costs by keeping all your printing jobs in-house. That’s possible if you’ve already updated your printers and implemented better printing processes.

5. Partner with a reliable printer repair company.

Like any machines, laser printers and other printers designed for office use break down sometimes. When that happens, you need quick and reliable printer repair services. That way, you can reduce machine downtime and restore your printing productivity right away. Also, make sure to hire printer repair services with a high success rate—a company that can get the job done right the first time. You don’t want to waste resources on constant repairs.

The same goes for your consumables supplier. Be sure to partner with a company that can efficiently supply you with top-quality paper, ink and other consumables.

Start Boosting Your Office’s Print Efficiency Today

With all these tips, you can easily implement changes that can boost your workplace’s print efficiency. Pretty soon, your printing expenses will go down, and your workers will be more productive. With simple changes, you can reap huge benefits.

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