Avoid Bad Printing Advice To Prolong Your Printer’s Working Life

Printing can be easy, but there are some advanced features that people may not know that can lead to printing problems along the way. In some instances, the document on screen may look good but the output quality is poor or the colours of an image may look off. There must be some reason this is so.

Could it be that you listened to a suggestion that initially sounded good but actually does harm than good?

Bad Printing Advice You Should Avoid

1. All file formats are compatible for printing

This is not entirely true. Saving in .PNG and .GIF file formats, for example, can result in poor output quality since these file formats are for on-screen use only. The document would still print, but what you see on the computer will be different from the printout. It is advisable to save your printing document in PDF that is made to work across different platforms and software.

2. It is okay to print with poor design features

Designing your own collaterals for printing can help you save money, but it can cause problems in the long run, especially when people do not know how to deal with bleeds, low-quality resolution, and other design fundamentals for their documents. A poor design results in a poorly finished document. If you have little knowledge about designs suitable for printing, it is best to have a graphic designer work on your printed collaterals, it may be costly but it will help you achieve better results.

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3. Printing with limited bleed is okay

A bleed is an artwork which goes past the edges of a document. If a full bleed is not applied, it will cause misalignments and multiple printing delays. It is advisable to have at least 3mm or 1/8 inch for a bleed, especially if you have large format items. You can use Adobe InDesign to properly set bleeds on your documents.

4. Saving images as colour when they’re black and white

Colour variations are a common printing mistake people make. If you wish to print monochrome images with black and white ink, do not save it as a coloured image. If colours are not probably identified or converted, it may cause problems during the printing process.

5. All colour modes for printing are compatible

Always make sure that any image you print is converted to CMYK. When it comes to colour modes, displaying images on the screen is only for RGB and printing documents should always be in CMYK. This is a common mistake committed when one prints. If your document for printing is saved in RGB mode, the outcome will look off.

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Now that you know printing advice that can lead to damages on your printers, you will be able to maximise your printer’s potential without the problems. It is also highly recommended that you learn how to maintain your printer to keep it in tip-top shape for a long time.

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