Amazing 3D printer creations

Who would have known that one day we could print a house instead of building it from scratch? Today, brands offer 3D printers which can print 3-dimensional objects that are both functional and realistic. As long as you have templates, you can create anything you want.


3D printer creations



There are 3D printer creations that are especially helpful to our society.

Best 3D Printer Creations:

  1. Medical Models
  2. Architectural Models
  3. Bridges
  4. Cool Bricks
  5. Chain Links
  6. Phone Cases
  7. iPad stands
  8. Gear Wraps
  9. High Heels
  10. Printed Bikinis


Because 3D printed objects are very accurate, they are very useful in the medical field. Doctors can practice on a printed model before going to surgery with a real patient, thus diminishing the risks of making fatal mistakes. Architecture students, meanwhile, can use Canon printers to build designs with realistic coloured models. Houses and bridges can be created with swift 3D printing as well – HP was able to print a chain link in thirty minutes!

There are no limits to your imagination with 3D printers. Cool 3D prints of phone cases, iPad stands and Gear Wraps can be created through a MakerBot printer with strong monochrome models. 3D printing designs are also a hit in the fashion industry, what with printed high heels and bikinis making waves among the trendy crowd. One great example is the famous N12 Bikini, which is the first ready-to-wear 3D printed bikini created by the SLS 3D printing process.


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