A Quick Guide to Multifunction Printer Maintenance

Imagine this scenario: it’s a busy workday, and you have a crucial presentation to deliver to your clients. As the clock ticks away, you rush to print copies, only to find that your trusted multifunction printer decides to act up. The frustration sets in as you wonder how to get it up and running without breaking the bank. Welcome to the world of multifunction printers (MFPs)—those multitasking wonders that streamline your office tasks with their printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities. They are the backbone of your office, handling everything from essential documents to important client communications. But like any sophisticated piece of technology, MFPs are not immune to issues. And what’s the best way to avoid such problems? Multifunction printer maintenance. With a proactive approach to keeping your most-used office machine in good condition, you can ensure efficient office operations while avoiding costly printer repairs down the line. Here’s a quick guide to help you with multifunction printer maintenance:

Keep it clean.

Make sure your multifunction or all-in-one printer is spotless and dust-free. Regularly clean the printer’s exterior using a soft, lint-free cloth and mild cleaning solution. Don’t use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the surface. Also, don’t skip the scanner glass and document feeder. Clean these sections regularly to remove dust, smudges and debris. Stick to using a non-abrasive cleaner and a lint-free cloth specifically designed for electronic devices.

Check and replace consumables.

When the ink or toner in the cartridges runs out, the printheads (in inkjet printers) or imaging drums (in laser multifunction printers) might not receive proper lubrication or cooling. This can lead to the printheads or imaging drums overheating, potentially causing damage to these critical components. Air can also enter the empty space left behind—and that’s never good news. Air can cause the formation of bubbles or air pockets, disrupting the flow of ink or toner. Additionally, dust and debris can accumulate inside the empty cartridges over time, affecting print quality when new ink or toner is added later. So monitor ink or toner levels regularly to avoid running out during critical printing tasks and ensure your MFP’s longevity. Replace cartridges or refill ink/toner as needed. Also, replace other consumable parts such as imaging drums, transfer belts and waste toner containers according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Manage paper and media.

Ensure the paper or media loaded in the trays are free from moisture, wrinkles or damage that could cause paper jams or poor print quality. How do you achieve that? Start by storing paper in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture absorption or curling. Then, adjust paper guides and trays to match the correct paper size to avoid misfeeds. Also, remind your staff and other MFP users in the office about proper printer use, including storing, managing and loading paper and media in the trays.

Perform software updates.

Regularly check for and install firmware and software updates provided by the manufacturer. These updates often include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security patches. Moreover, updates may introduce new features and optimise your all-in-one printer’s performance, ensuring faster printing speeds, enhanced print quality and more efficient resource utilisation. So you shouldn’t miss any firmware and software updates.

Use recommended supplies.

Purchase and use genuine or high-quality compatible supplies recommended by the printer manufacturer. Inferior supplies may lead to poor print quality or damage to the printer. Using non-recommended supplies might also void your printer’s warranty, leaving you with no recourse in case of a malfunction. High-quality supplies are designed specifically for your printer model, guaranteeing consistent performance, optimal print results, and longevity for your MFP.

Perform preventive maintenance.

Want to be more proactive? Stick to the printer maintenance schedule. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning print heads, calibrating colours or replacing maintenance kits. Some MFPs have automated cleaning cycles, so ensure these are enabled to keep the printer in good condition.

Observe proper power management.

Should you leave your printer on? Here’s our advice: When not in use, put the MFP into power-saving or sleep mode to conserve energy and reduce wear and tear on the components. Keeping your printer powered on continuously may also result in various issues, including ink drying out or clogging the printhead. This is particularly critical for inkjet printers, as their liquid ink can dry out when left idle for prolonged periods. Also, leaving your printer on can increase its vulnerability to power surges or electrical problems. Just make sure to avoid abruptly turning off the printer or disconnecting the power source, as it may lead to damage or data loss.

Handle with care.

Like any machine, your multifunction printer is at risk of damage when handled poorly. So avoid placing heavy objects on the printer or exposing it to extreme temperatures, humidity or direct sunlight. Be gentle when loading or removing paper, and avoid forcefully pulling stuck documents to prevent paper jams or damage to the feeder mechanism.

Schedule regular servicing.

If your MFP is heavily used or shows signs of declining performance, consider scheduling periodic servicing or maintenance checks with a qualified technician. Remember to consult your multifunction printer’s user manual for specific maintenance instructions and recommendations from the manufacturer. By following these guidelines, you can keep your MFP in optimal condition, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for years.

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