Best ways to make your toner last longer

With Printer Repair Centre just a phone call away, broken printers are a thing of the past. Just dial (02) 9684 0044 or fill up the order form to get your printer fixed on the same day you placed your call. Do the same thing when you need a fresh supply of printer consumables, such as toner.

Some techies said that shaking the toner cartridge can make your printer toner last longer. But don’t! There are more practical ways to make your toner and ink cartridge last longer. Let’s look into it!


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Top 6 tips to make your printer long life durable

  1. Keep fonts simple – Font sizes and bold letters consume a lot of ink and cause the printer cartridge to work vigorously, adding more stress to it. So, avoid using them whenever possible.
  2. Print only what you need – Check the document first before printing and evaluate whether a hard copy is really necessary. Printing only what is necessary will save you toner, paper, and overhead costs. When printing a lengthy document, make it a habit to browse the document first and determine the most important pages to print. This would allow you to save time and money when printing at internet cafes.
  3. Check the nozzle regularly – A clogged nozzle results in poor printing performance. So, be sure to take some time to check your printer cartridge to make your toner last longer.
  4. Change printer settings – Selecting the “Draft Mode” and “Toner Saver Mode” can save a good amount of toner. Also, printing in monochrome or greyscale rather full colour all the time can help make the best use out of toner cartridges.
  5. Proofread documents before printing – Admit it; paying for documents printed with errors is a pain in the pocket. Make it a habit to check documents first. You can click the Print Preview button on your word processor to get a clear idea of how your file will look in hard copy. Then, edit as necessary before printing.
  6. Control printing of graphics and coloured documents – Files with a lot of graphics and colour variations might take longer to print, which also means your toner is going to go through a lot of work.


When buying a laser or inkjet printer, consider the costs of the consumables first, so as not to be spending too much money in the long run. In the first place, look for a printer that comes with a durable toner. This will ease out the hassle maintenance-wise and, at the same time, ensure your printer toner will last longer.

If you’re still deciding what toner to buy, you might consider purchasing a Canon Pixma MG5650, Epson XP-312 or a Dell Colour Smart Multifunction Printer S3845cdn for a more cost-effective ink and toner. If you want some expert advice when buying a new monochrome or colour printer for your office or need your existing printer repaired and restored, contact the Printer Repair Centre. Give us a call at (02) 9684 0044 or book a repair order!


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