5 Tips to Boost Print Advertising for Your After-Christmas Sale

You prepared well for your Christmas sale. You pulled out all the stops, from boosting your digital marketing campaigns to utilising print media to your advantage. But what about your after-Christmas sale? Many consumers are eager to wait until after Christmas to scour for huge deals and do their holiday shopping. So they’re a huge market you shouldn’t miss out on. Plus, post-holiday promotions allow you to clear holiday inventory while earning huge profits and boosting your January revenue.

While you can easily edit your digital ads to reflect your after-Christmas sale campaigns, you can’t do the same for your print media. But fret not, as we’ve rounded up some tips to boost print advertising for your after-Christmas sale. 

  • Focus on your outdoor & indoor signages.

While people shop on Boxing Day or any day after Christmas, they have to know that your store offers post-holiday discounts and deals. And what’s a better way to do that than having outdoor & indoor signages that say just that? Switch out your Christmas-themed storefront wall sign with large outdoor signs about your after-Christmas deals. Don’t forget about your indoor signs. Your in-store signage should direct customers to the specific discounts & deals they can get post-holiday.

  • Place retractable banners near your shop.

Retractable banners are fantastic tools to build brand awareness and drive foot traffic to your shop. You can place them in the busiest area near your shop. Is your store located in a mall or shopping centre? It’s smart to install your banners at the entrance or near the food court. Retractable banners are lightweight and durable; you can use them again and again and move them quickly to another area. Plus, the banner itself is easily replaceable. You can have banners printed specifically for post-holiday sales and replace them for your next print marketing campaign.

  • Utilise direct mail marketing.

Even amid the popularity of social media and digital marketing, direct mail marketing remains a reliable advertising tool for small local businesses. It still works, as no pop-up blockers can keep the target audience from reading the mail. Plus, you can target specific demographics or locations with direct mail marketing. You can focus your campaign on neighbourhoods closest to your shop. Just be sure to send post-holiday flyers or card discounts to potential customers’ doors in time for Boxing Day. 

  • Align your print campaign with your digital efforts.

Like how you approached your Christmas sale campaign, align your print advertising with your digital efforts for post-holiday sales. Use printed graphics to supplement or complement your social media marketing or any other digital marketing effort. 

Tangible, tactile prints can have a strong emotional impact on consumers, but they can be more memorable if they’re part of a wider campaign. Imagine a potential buyer staring at your retractable banner not only because the graphics catch their attention but also because they’re reminded of a similar or related video they saw online. They will be more curious and likely to set foot in your shop. 

  • Choose a printer supplier carefully.

The choice of print supplier is crucial to making your after-Christmas sale campaign. So be sure to hire a printing company that understands your requirements, especially your timeframe, since post-holiday promotions are usually done in a limited time. Also, see if the print supplier has the right machines and adequate expertise in the specific print media you need. Don’t forget to check if they have a reliable plotter or wide-format printer to produce high-quality retractable banners or storefront signs. 

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