How To Send a Fax and What Are Its Advantages

Before e-mails were invented, companies used fax machines as a means of sending legal documents and information through the telephone. In this generation, technology has advanced a lot and electronic mail is taking over companies and small offices. This does not mean, however, that fax machines are being phased out. In fact, they are still quite prevalent.

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Fax Machines Are More Secure

Have you experienced receiving e-mail messages containing scams and viruses? Sending confidential documents with the use of an electronic mail might not be a good idea as hackers can gain access to your account. If you use a fax machine to send business documents, rest assured that they reach the recipient securely.

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How to Send a Fax

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If there are business documents that need to be faxed with the use of a fax machine, read this guide to ensure that the faxing process is smooth and easy:

  1. You need to place the document that you want to fax inside the machine’s document feeder.
  2. Dial the telephone number of the recipient, including the extension number or code.
  3. Press the “Send” button to have your documents accepted by the receiving end.
  4. Once the other end answers the fax machine, your documents will then be transmitted.
  5. Keep the original document for legitimacy purposes.

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Online Fax

Aside from using a fax machine to send documents to a receiving end, you can also use online faxing services to send important documents online. If you have an online faxing service in your company, then read this guide to know how to send a fax online:

  1. If your company uses a third-party provider to send a fax online, open its program to start.
  2. Select the file that you wish to fax from your device.
  3. Enter the recipient’s number and press the “Send” button.
  4. Wait until your document has been transmitted and close the program after it has finished.

Send a Fax with the Use of a Computer

Sending a fax with the use a computer is made possible with today’s latest computer innovations. While people still use the traditional way of sending documents to the fax machine or want to speed things up when they are on the go with online fax, some people use their very own computer to send documents. If you are using a fax provider from your computer, then this is usually the faxing process:

  1. Open the fax provider from your computer.
  2. Select the documents you wish to fax to the recipient.
  3. Dial the fax number of the receiving end.
  4. Press the “Send” button to start the sending process.
  5. Wait until your documents have been transmitted and sent.

Whether you want to fax documents with the use of a fax machine, an online fax service, or your computer, it is important to know how to use them to be able to send and receive documents quickly, easily, and securely.

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